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Implementing the proper security solution for your website against the following security threats:

  1. DDoS attacks, they can slow or crash your website removing all website functionality
  2. Malware is a common threat used to steal customer data and allow cybercriminals to access your website
  3. Blacklisting may remove search engine results with a warning that turns visitors away
  4. Vulnerability exploits, criminals access your website by exploiting weak areas in your website like outdated plugins and WordPress files
  5. Defacement, attack and replaces your website content with malicious content
  6. Stolen data from email addresses, hackers go after customer data stored on a website
  7. Phishing schemes doesn’t just happen in emails. Attacks take the form of web pages that looks legitimate but trick the user into providing information
  8. Session hijacking, forcing users to take unwanted actions on a website
  9. Malicious redirects, sites they intend to visit to be redirected to a malicious website
  10. SEO Spam can be put on a website to confuse visitors and drive them to malicious websites

We recommend the following:

Install proper anti-virus software on your computer, update software and run weekly virus scans. Do regular software updates on your website, update plugins, WordPress and PHP software.