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Software Development

Want to get your business Software online?

Software development and programming

We are a dedicated team of designers, developers and strategic thinkers who are passionate about bringing clients’ ideas to life.

We are a software development company that will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Our custom software development team works tediously to help you authenticate the concept, set clear expectations, and identify any potential blockage and resolve them to yield the best results.

The Agile methodology

Discover a better way to manage your software development projects with our agile methodology. By breaking projects into dynamic phases known as sprints, we ensure continuous collaboration and improvement. Our self-organizing and cross-functional teams work closely with customers and end-users to deliver exceptional results.

The 5 stages of the Agile software development


At R and M Web Developers, we believe that all successful Agile software development projects start with a powerful ideation stage. Our Agile product owner (PO) collaborates closely with stakeholders, the business team, developers, and future app users to craft a compelling project vision. By defining the purpose and goal of the new software, determining and documenting business and user requirements, and prioritizing tasks and allocating resources, we ensure that your software development journey is guided by expertise and driven by exceptional results.


Building the first iteration of your software product is an exciting milestone on your Agile development journey. Our talented team of designers, architects, and coders will bring your vision to life, ensuring a seamless user experience through meticulous coding. This development phase, known as the longest stage in the Agile application development lifecycle, sets the foundation for your software’s success.


Development went smoothly, and the team is thrilled with the app’s first iteration. As we prepare for release, our Agile team conducts a meticulous quality assurance check to ensure full functionality. We leave no stone unturned, checking that the code is clean, addressing any bugs and errors, and performing trial runs to guarantee seamless performance. Trust us with your app, and let us unleash its true potential. Stay ahead of the competition with R and M Web Developers, where exceptional results are just a click away.


Congratulations! You’ve reached the deployment stage, the most celebratory moment in the software development life cycle. It’s time to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But don’t rest just yet, because there’s one more stage to go. Our Agile team ensures full functionality by conducting a thorough quality assurance check before deployment. Exceptional results are just a click away.


After pushing the magic button, the work continues. Ongoing maintenance keeps your software bug-free and fully functional. We value user feedback and constantly strive to make improvements for future iterations.